What to do when you’re bombing a job interview

True story:

Last year, Trey was conducting a phone interview with a developer. It was going badly. Five minutes in, Trey was thinking, “There’s no way I’m going to hire this guy.” The interviewee’s voice was flat, his answers were uninspired, and he just wasn’t fun to talk to.

When you’re bombing an interview in person, that’s bad. But when you’re bombing it over the phone, that’s worse: there’s no body language or visual cues to help smooth over those excruciatingly long silences.

Fifteen minutes in to the interview, the guy stopped. “I feel like this is going really badly,” he said. “I’m really nervous. Can we start over?”

They did. And the interview improved—so much so, we ended up hiring the guy.

Here we are, a year later, and we couldn’t be happier. That terrible job interview yielded Dave Donahue, one of the smartest, most loyal and friendliest guys we’ve ever met. Plus, he makes really awesome pizza.

So if you’re bombing an interview and you know it, I don’t think it hurts to swallow your pride, acknowledge it and ask for a re-do. And if you do and you still don’t get the job, well, we can’t all be superstars like Dave, can we?