Launch: New Depot Site—Keep Rockin’

The DepotLast week, we deployed a complete redesign of The Depot’s website.  The Depot is one of the premier concert venues in Salt Lake City.  They’ve been one of our clients since the early days of 12 Spokes, coming to us (back when we were InfoSauce) to build their original site when they first opened in late 2005.  We like good music, they like good web design.

Since they originally opened, they’ve faced the difficult dilemma of balancing being a kick-ass concert venue and, being located in the historic Union Pacific building, an excellent location to hold private events.  The first site we built focused almost exclusively on the hip music scene.  Viewing the site was like looking at a concert poster glued to the alley wall, waiting for the doors to open for that show you’ve been waiting all month for.

This worked well for the early days, but as more and more interest rose for renting out the space for corporate parties and weddings, well, the site didn’t quite scream nuptials and black-tie galas.  The next iteration of the site, designed by Rare Method, then, tried to incorporate more of the historicity of the building.  Unfortunately, it went too far and the music side ended up taking a back seat.

This version, therefore, is an attempt to find that sweet balance between the two moods of the two primary businesses The Depot provides.  Both the beautiful building and the concert are presented equally on the home page.  The overall look, while still leaning on the grungy music scene, is much tidier and professional.

While were at it, we did a bit or restructuring the information on the site to ensure the most important information is easily accessible.

It was a challenge, but I think the result is spot on and is receiving rave review from everyone.